The Facialist on Darling is a natural beauty salon based in the beautiful inner west suburb of Rozelle, Sydney. Only minutes from the Sydney CBD.

After 7 years previously named Phyt’s Beauty and Spa and located in Drummoyne. We moved to the new premises in Rozelle in January 2016 and renamed Facialist on Darling to follow our passion of skin.

We continue to use PHYT’S skincare products in all of our treatments, and offer an extensive range of beauty services from waxing, eyebrow extensions,  tinting, massage, Hot Stone massage, body treatments, manicures, pedicures, organic spray tan to a large range of specialised facial treatments. Also specialising in extractions!

Teen facials


Organic Dermabrasion

Skin Peels

Acne Treatments

Anti-age facial treatments and programmes.

Pigmentation treatments and programmes

Skin strengthening and anti redness treatments …

plus many more institute skin care facials.

The Facialist on Darling offers quick maintenance treatments to complete all day pampering packages. You can join them on a journey of beauty, wellness and rejuvenation experiencing the magic of nature for the care of your face and body. Treatments are designed to suit your individual skin care needs and with complete privacy. We invite you to step inside our serene and tranquil surrounds for a unique and truly relaxing experience.


The Facialist on Darling product range PHYT’S is 100% natural and certified organic and is based on the superiority of the complex synergy of plants, flowers, vitamins, oils, trace minerals, leaves and bark. French in origin for more than 40 years it is considered Europe’s leading organic skin care range.

Created in 1972 by a naturopathic biology, PHYT’S laboratories have developed an original savoir-faire dedicated to beauty

Since its conception, PHYT’S Laboratories’ built a sincere and ethical philosophy to link Beauty and Health and this nature alone can create effective and efficient cosmetics that work in harmony with the body and at the same time respect mankind and the environment. PHYT’S have been applying certain forceful ideas coming from their creator’s determined approach ::

  • Beauty and health are in dissociable
  • Nature alone is perhaps at the origin of effective cosmetics, speaking the body’s language and respecting both women and the environment.

Today PHYT’S Laboratories, world leaders in ORGANIC cosmetics, made in France, offer almost a hundred cosmetic products CERTIFIED as ORGANIC and 100% natural origin organic cosmetics for some time now, the world of natural cosmetics has been undergoing a veritable “green tornado”. Quality and purity demands are now even more exacting, more stringent, and so much the better.

There are numerous laboratories claiming to offer « natural » or « Organic » products, without being necessarily able to justify this guarantee. For this reason a small group of laboratories seeking a genuine Organic cosmetic industry joined together to form a manufacturers’ association : COSMEBIO. A qualitative charter, combining natural and environmental criteria, was drawn up. Schedules of conditions recognized by the State and passed on to the “Journal Official” for specific control, were carried out by two certifying bodies : Ecocert and « Qualité de France

PHYT’S products contain 100% natural ingredients – no synthetic preservation, no artificial fragrance, no coloring agents, mo parabens, no GMO, no synthetic ingredients and are not tested on animals.


Organic certification addresses a growing worldwide demand for organics.



A bespoke customised skincare range.

Dermaviduals doesn’t believe in a blanket approach to skin care. We realise that, like fingerprints, everyone has different skin. As such, the scientists at dermaviduals have developed a proven skin care concept that can be tailored to individual skin conditions and types. Using DMS (dermal membrane structure) base creams, the product range allows therapists to individually adapt creams, masks, packs, lotions with over 35 different active agent concentrates to treat specific skin conditions. This enables effective treatment of any type of skin condition using only a select number of products. With no preservatives, fragrances, emulsifiers, mineral oils or silicones, dermaviduals products are encapsulated in a special delivery system of liposomes and nano-spheres that ensure penetration of the pure active ingredients.


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