Cosmébio’scharter led to the filing of very exacting job specifications with the Ministry of Industry, which were published in the Official Gazette on 9 April 2003. These specifications very strictly define, in full transparency and without ambiguity, “environment-friendly and organic cosmetics” and guide consumers seeking authentic natural and organic products. The charter, specially drawn up for the field of cosmetics, goes far beyond the presence in the formula of products stemming from organic farming.

In accordance with our charter, the products bearing the ORGANIC or ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY logo contain mainly natural ingredients or ingredients of natural origin. The entire composition of an organic product is carefully controlled and must comply with strict rules.

It must contain at least 95% of natural ingredients, ingredients of natural origin or stemming from organic farming (in all cases the proportion is always more than 95%). The reference standard authorises a minimum or even a negligible quantity of synthetic products that are still available in natural form. (These ingredients must meet the requirements of a very restrictive positive list excluding PEG, silicon, petrochemical derivatives, etc.).

  • For vegetable raw materials, at least 95% must be of organic quality
  • Without synthetic fragrances or colourings
  • Total barring of synthetic preservatives, such as parabens or phenoxyethanol
  • No petrochemical products (paraffin, silicon, PEG)
  • No GMO (genetically modified organisms)
  • No ionising treatments
  • Nature must be fully respected (respect of ecosystem balances, no testing on animals)
  • The procedures for obtaining the ingredients must be non-polluting
  • The wrappings and outer packagings must be biodegradable or recyclable

The consumer must be provided with full, transparent information on the ingredients used and all the manufacturing stages through to the finished product. The percentage of natural ingredients and the percentage of organic natural ingredients must be clearly indicated on all certified product packagings bearing the organic or environment-friendly logos.

However, whilst adhering to these strict guidelines the Facialist on Darling skincare go one step further and surpass expectations to include 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS!!!


QUALITE FRANCE is an independent certifying body that is hired by the Facialist on Darling for independent assessment and certification that further validates the Facialist on Darling compliance and commitment to organic and natural cosmetics.

Accredited by by more than 40 national and international accreditation bodies, BUREAU VERITAS is part of the most renowned certifying agency in the world. With a presence in 80 countries, including offices in Australia, they have certified more than 80,000 clients through the world, it is the world leader in certification.


One Voice is the French representative of the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments

The label criteria are based upon that of the international Humane Cosmetics Standard (HCS) which demand that beauty companies remove animal testing from their entire chain  supply. The One Voice label guarantees  that the range of the Facialist on Darling Laboratories products has not been tested on animals, and that concerns both the ingredients and the finished products themselves.

The One Voice certification process is a lengthy one, supporting One Voice’s claim that its label is recognised as one of the most demanding.

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