Gel double action caffine & pepper

Gel double action caffine & pepper


Bio-Active Slimming Gel 200ml

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STEP 1: ACTIVATES/CLEANSES - Lipolytic action
This fresh gel with lipolytic natural active caffeine stimulates and accelerates the clearing of fat over the entire body.

Apply morning and evening using a vigorous massage. Slide and roll your skin between your hands until the product has been completely absorbed. Use for a 1-month treatment.

Extract of caffeine – from Green Coffee: Caffeine has lipolytic  properties which contribute to reducing adipocytes.
Extract of Fig Tree bud: Also has a lipolytic activity on adipic tissue.
This extract was tested objectively by a panel of 20 people using an abdominal weight loss study: Results = up to 2 cm less!
Mother tincture of Organic Red Vine: Improves blood circulation
(to assist in reducing cellulite).
Mother tincture of Organic Meadowsweet: Preventa water retention. It is an anticellulitic and a lymphotonic.
Organic Aloe Vera: Softener.


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